Felczyńskis Bells started to appear in the world since 1808, when a foundryman - Michał Felczyński established a great bell-foundry in Kałusz nearby Lwów. His son, also Michał, continued his father’s work, developing his professional skills for his son Franciszek to inherit the workshop and had not disappoint his clients who trusted already renowned company. Franciszek’s sons - Ludwik, Michał, Kajetan and Jan – have also become foundrymen. Jan’s son, Tadeusz, as the most skilful foundryman, took it upon himself to establish and start the first in Silesia Felczyńskis’ bell-foundry. It is upon this historical aegis that his son, Zbigniew, Jan’s grandson continues his father’s work in Taciszów. Felczyński Brothers Bell-foundry has become the most famous bell-foundry in Poland. Jan Felczyński’s grandson, Zbigniew, remained faithful his family tradition and casts bells in TACISZÓW in Silesia that are known and admired equally world-wide as his ancestors’ works. We guarantee top-quality sound of our bells, clear tone and durability.

        Taciszów Bell-foundry bells are made with great care regarding the design. We decorate them according to our Clients’ wish, we may make style ornaments matching The Church’s décor, and The Saint’s image, the bell is devoted to, may be repeated e.g. from the altar’s representation. Images put on the bells are uniquely sculptured for the needs of the mould that is currently made and will never be repeated in another bell. This does not influence the cost of the cast. Our bells may be called works of handicraft. Six-generation Felczyński foundrymen family has handed down all secrets that make cast bells we make are perfect and work impeccably.

        The sound secrets are comprised in the shape of their "rib”. This beautiful musical instrument comprises even 50 different tones, whilst the characteristic side tones ring from prime in lower octave intervals, upper octave, major third and perfect fifth. It is a challenge for a foundryman to make in a bells set the same harmony be heard as the one that provides the single bell tone. The primary tone is determined by a master foundryman already in the bells’ shape. The precisely drawn "rib”, according to canons of art is transferred onto the metal pattern. The mould will be made from clay with use of this pattern. While casting a bell, liquid bronze heated up to 1200 °C is poured into a mould and this is how a bell is born. The Felczyński bell-foundry in Taciszów casts bells according to the traditional, reliable, proven within centuries formula. This is why we may guarantee our products’ many-year durability and pure tone. We give 25-year guarantee for our products, we also provide all technical support.

        We copyright our verbal-graphic trade mark reserved by The Patent Office of Republic of Poland.

        It is commonly recognized, because we put it at each bell that is created in our workshop. It is a statutory warranty for our Dear Clients that all warranty claims shall be accepted with no other documents. We make single bells or in polyphonic sets (see. table). We complete the existing sets. We provide consulting services regarding designing and constructing church towers. We make all conservation work with old bells – we provide advice regarding expansion of bell sets for parishes